Government Quota

Foreign citizens have the right to enroll in tuition-free positions through the Rossotrudnichestvo federal agency as part of a Russian Government quota.

Applications must be submitted before March 1 to a Rossotrudnichestvo office at a Russian Embassy/Consulate or an office of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

Visit to access the submission system.

ITMO University only participates in the second selection stage. This means that the university only accepts or rejects applications that have passed Rossotrudnichestvo’s selection process.

Many CIS countries distribute their quotas independently and collect the approved candidates’ applications and other paperwork in preparation for the second stage.

The second stage gets into full swing near the summer season, when the applications of all approved candidates are uploaded into the information system to be assessed by the universities.

In 2017, the first batch of applications was uploaded on June 1.

In its consideration of the applications, the university assesses the following:

  • the candidates’ current academic performance: their academic transcript with an emphasis on their average score and proficiency in the subjects relevant to their chosen area of study;

  • personal achievements: certificates and diplomas of recent competitions, publications, participation in conferences;

  • participation in various educational programs outside of the school/university curriculum.

As of now, the university does not receive information about the points acquired through Rossotrudnichestvo’s exams.

Once their application has been approved, the candidate receives an educational invitation, which allows them to be enrolled on the date of their arrival to the university (regardless of deadlines of the general admissions campaign and without additional exams).

A visa invitation should also become available in the Rossotrudnichestvo system, which the candidate can use to request a student visa at their nearest Russian Embassy/Consulate.

At the moment of enrollment, the candidate must choose an educational program from the list of programs in their chosen subject area.

In the course of their education, students enrolled on the government quota can only transfer between programs within the scope of their subject area.

ITMO University International Open Entrance Competitions

Prospective international students have the chance to pre-qualify for Bachelor's degree programs in Maths and Computer Science by taking part in ITMO University’s international entrance competitions. Competition winners get free tuition at a wide range of ITMO University and other Russian universities Bachelor’s programs without having to go through any entrance examinations.

Both competitions are conducted in three rounds:

  • The preparatory training round is held online. The points earned during the training round have no effect in determining the candidates for the final round, but it gives you invaluable (and limitless, since this round has no set amount of time and attempts) opportunities to practice complex tasks of the qualifying and final competition rounds.

  • The qualifying round is conducted online. You have only one attempt to solve this round's tasks. Top contenders of the qualifying round will go on to compete in the final round.

  • The final round is conducted either on-site or online depending on your country of residence: for those participants living in countries and cities where the final round will not be held on-site, the final round will be conducted remotely. The list of winners consists of the top 25% of participants ranked by number of points.

Please register here to participate. Please note that in order to qualify for free tuition, you must also register on the Rossotrudnichestvo Russian federal agency scholarship website when registering for the contest. Participants who only register on one of the websites, not accompanied by the other, will not be considered.

For the latest information on the competitions timelines and procedures, as well as the full list of topics and examples of tasks, please visit the Open Entrance competitions official website.

Open Doors Scholarship for Master’s Programs

Interested in doing your Master’s degree at ITMO University? (Good choice!)

A collaboration between ITMO and the Russian Association of Global Universities, the Open Doors scholarship project awards promising students with free tuition at a number of ITMO University Master’s programs.

The competition consists of two rounds:

  • The qualifying round takes place in the form of portfolio contest. Bachelor’s students from all over the world have completed or completing their education in 2018 are welcome to apply.

  • The final round is conducted in the form of an online test. Participation is open to the winners of the portfolio contest.

To participate, please register here by indicating ITMO University and the program of your liking as your study choice. Then go to the competition website and impress the jury with your awesome portfolio and online test results.

Good luck!